Antonina Smirnov – One More Chance Foundation


Antonina comes to One More Chance Foundation with an extensive business background. Her experience as a Human Resources Manager allowed her to use her skills in HR Affairs, Employee Recruitment and Retention, Staff Development, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Benefits and Compensation.

In the legal arena, she has experience in Legal Compliance, HR Records Management, and HR Policy Development.

Antonina’s Corporate background includes the development of Team Building Programs, Personnel Manuals, Corporate Policies, Job Descriptions and Management Reports.

Creative and dedicated to developing unique employee orientation and training programs, she is known for her ability to generate a loyal and knowledgeable staff.

Not only is Antonina hard-working and analytical, she has proven to be a Human Resource Manager who is highly efficient in time-critical situations. She is known to have skillfully prioritized and managed all aspects of the payroll process for large companies.

In the recruitment process, Antonina has developed a Comprehensive Recruiting Strategy, which decreased employee turnover by 40%.

Her skillful Performance Review Programs, creating a flexible and well received tool has been used company wide.

Antonina is multilingual and fluently, speaks English, Romanian and Russian.