One More Chance Foundation’s Student Film Department, is designed to provide Internships for Performing Arts Students in Film Making. By collaborating with other professionals in the industry, the Film Division will provide professional industry experience for its Film Making Interns.

The goal of the “Student Film Department” is to produce student films that are written, produced and acted out by Performing Arts students. Students will receive Film-Industry Mentoring and be trained to do Directing, Camera, Music, Score-writing, Script-writing, Set Design, Sound, Film Research, Location Scouting, Wardrobe, Period Hair Design, Makeup Techniques and act as Crew and Grips, etc. They will also do Post Production, Advertising and Marketing, etc. This Internship Program will be under the tutelage of Industry Professionals.
To participate in this Internship Program, students must be currently participating in a Performing Arts Program with other schools or entities.

“Filmmakers can change our thinking and change our lives through film.”

Words of encouragement and wisdom from Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Actor, Producer, Director; Mark Koch, Producer and Jim Caviezel, Actor.
Their stories can inspire and propel the viewer to a higher state of achievement.

Dwayne Johnson, Actor, Producer

Dwayne Johnson’s words of encouragement gives the bottom line for success in the film industry.  His story inspires viewers to have compassion, grow as a person, see potential in others, connect with people, and to be good and great – “Learn the business of your chosen profession.”  To have longevity in the film industry; “Be a student of the game,” learn acting, directing, producing, and surround yourself with brilliant people.  

Above all – “Go to work.”

Mark Koch, Hollywood Producer

Mark points out the value of wholesome values. His life’s lessons have taught and inspired him to be humble, not prideful, not egotistical, live a wholesome life, to strive for godly obedience, and be the creature your Creator created you to be.

Jim Caviezel, Actor

Jim Caviezel’s remarkable story inspires others to be willing to take a stand for good principals, and for what is right. Lessons that he learned from portraying the role of “Jesus” in the “Passion of the Christ” taught him to be prepared for the physical demands that one can experience in the field of acting. He focused on adequately preparing for the role to be played, to do good role research, be prepared to sacrifice, understand the role, not to be mediocre, live a virtuous life and make wise choices for what is right. In closing, he encourages others to remember –they have the right to do what they ought.