Christy Taylor – One More Chance Foundation

Christy Taylor is a seminar motivational speaker, talk show personality host, in Memphis, Birmingham and in St. Louis. To her hosting credit is added, a weekly public affairs show, “The Pulse.”

Additional expertise in the entertainment field are her skills as a singer, songwriter, produced screenwriter, screenwriting consultant, and Director of “Content Acquisition” at Black Lava Films, a home entertainment and interactive media company. Christy was a co-writer for “N-Secure;” which was selected as closing film for the 2009 “Hollywood Black Film Festival,” which was theatrically released in 2010, and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Christy considers her creative specialties to be: Screenwriting, Acting (Theatre/TV/Film), Radio Interviews, Voice-overs/Jingles and Songwriting/Poetry.

Not only an accomplished business woman, Christy is passionate about people realizing their purpose and living their dreams.

With her charitable spirit, she has reached out to her community, participating in projects, specifically geared towards children and the arts. 

 Her participation in the “History Preservation Project,” led to her founding of the “Jamestown Heritage Society.”

Because of Christy’s work in radio, and in the Memphis community, she was honored in 2008, by the “Memphis Woman” magazine, as one of “50 Women in Memphis Who Make a Difference.”

This present-day Renaissance woman is Living her Life in “Full Expression” and inspiring others, through media and entertainment, to do the same. One More Chance Foundation is honored to have Christy bring her passion, expertise, drive and caring to our programs, as we strive to make a difference in the lives of others.