Executive Director

Mircea Roibu is primordially known for developing new technologies in the fields of search engine optimization services, corporate and personal branding and Internet marketing strategies. With extensive experience in the field of Internet communications, marketing strategy, and advertising / PR, Roibu maintains a number of proprietary formulas utilized for Internet search engine optimization, as well as Internet campaigns and marketing. For over twenty years, he has worked extensively as a technical advisor, graphic artist, web application developer, entrepreneur and Internet marketing consultant. He is the founder of Digital Net Marketing Inc., and has been the creative force behind a number of original and innovative marketing strategies, designed to enhance brand awareness and demographic outreach.

Roibu’s innovative techniques and creative brilliance have time and time again proven measurable results by–increasing market share and traffic driven solutions for web presence. His experience in web development and basic scripting in java and php language, has strengthened his position in the digital world.

His management experience includes, a management position for Brookstone, Inc., Vice President of marketing for Estetx Day Spa, Inc., including mass market product integration. Roibu was part of the ground floor management team for PhoneTelecom Communications and subsequently acquired the company.

In the early 1990’s, his artistic skills earned award recognition for a Smirnoff Vodka display he designed for the International Exposition in Athens, Greece.

Mircea Roibu worked in the movie industry as a set designer and camera boom operator. This experience equipped him with the abilities to understand the fusion necessary between skillful technical execution and artistic presentation.

Well traveled, he fluently speaks and translates 6 languages.

His moral compass and personal Christian beliefs, is driving him to be part of a non-profit organization that is emphasizing compassion, care and change for a better future.