Jessica Soss – One More Chance Foundation

Jessica Soss, born and raised in Seattle, Washington is a seasoned Business Woman, Actress, CEO, and Executive Director of Performers House, a talent development company in California.

As a film activist, Jessica played a significant role in helping to ensure that WA State Legislature saw the importance of renewing the State’s Film Incentive Program. Connected with that effort, she was privileged to conduct press interviews with reporters from around the state. Jessica attended and spoke at State Legislative conferences, and met with key congressional members. The program for which she fought, brings millions of dollars into the State of Washington annually, from investors and outside production companies.

As a working actress, producer, and screenwriter, Jessica has been actively involved in the film industry for the last four years. 

She has worked behind the scenes as a First AD, Producer, 2nd AD, Locations Manager, Wardrobe Manager and Production Assistant. Jessica has made appearances on many TV shows and films such as– “A Big Love Story”, “Mercy Hospital”, “Another Chance”, “Community,” and “Bridesmaids”. She also makes regular appearances on “The Mentalist”. All of these can be found on her IMDb profile.

Not only is Jessica committed to excellence, she has high moral values and integrity. These standards govern her work ethic. These values and commitment to excellence will add great value to her relationship as an Advisor to One More Chance Foundation and Joan Holmes Media Production’s cooperative effort.