Joan Holmes – One More Chance Foundation


Throughout her life, Joan Holmes has achieved a broad education, while accomplishing a great deal in the world of business. The following information gives an overview of her life’s experiences.


Currently, as President and CEO of “One More Chance Foundation, Inc,” a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, Public Charity, Joan is expanding the company’s horizion’s by adding “Joan Holmes Media Production’s,” Performing Arts Division to “One More Chance Foundation, Inc.” The focus of this division is its Student Film Internship Program. In partnership with industry professionals, the film department will help develop a different type of student intern, who will be better prepared for integration into the movie industry.

Screen Play Writer

In 2012, Joan C. Holmes created from the Novel, “The Lonely Virgin, a screenplay by the same name, for the silver screen.


Inspired by true events, under the pseudonym J. Christiana–in 2011, Joan C. Holmes authored the Fictional Novel, “The Lonely Virgin”. The novel is available for purchase in soft cover on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million’s, “The Lonely Virgin” website and other book resellers’ websites. On the Amazon website, it is also available as an eBook.

Lay Counselor

From June 2011 to December 2011, as a student in a comprehensive, Lay Counseling training program conducted at Christ Fellowship Church, Joan was educated by professional industry counselors. The instructors included Ph.D.’s, Professors, Writers, and Practitioners in the field of Counseling. At the completion of the training, she graduated from the program receiving a Certificate of Completion.

Budget Counselor

After completing Budget Coach Training in September 2012, at Christ Fellowship Church, Joan was successful in coaching women, and couples–helping them to enhance their understanding of healthy budgeting, debt management, and how to create a well-balanced financial program.

Certified Fitness Trainer

After matriculating for 2 years with the “Association of International Sports Science,” in November of 2009, Joan received certification as a “Certified Fitness Trainer.” Her certification gave her the skills to not only develop fitness programs, but to teach nutrition, and exercise for adults, pregnant women, children, the elderly, and persons with health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certified CPR, AED, & First Aid Instructor

Increasing her ability to help others, in December of 2008, Joan received Certifications with the “American Heart Association” and the “Red Cross,” as a “Basic Life Support Instructor” in the areas of CPR, AED, First Aid, Baby Sitters First Aid and Pet First Aid. She has experience in teaching CPR/AED and First Aid to private and corporate clients.

Certified Family Herbalist

In July of 2007, her wellness education began with the Certification as a “Family Herbalist.” Joan received her Certification from the “School of Natural Healing,” and uses this information to teach Anti-Aging techniques to the general public.

CEO, DigiPhotoLite Corp.

From January 2006-2008, Joan C. Holmes was the CEO of “DigiPhoto Lite Corporation,” an Anti-Aging Marketing and Consulting Company. Her duties were that of management, consulting, marketing, writing and educating persons in the Esthetic Arena. The company specialized in the sales of Anti-Aging Equipment and the teaching of Anti-Aging concepts. In June of 2007, Joan was a featured guest on an educational TV channel in Natick, Mass. She was interviewed for 30 minutes about her company’s approach on longevity. In 2007, expanding her entrepreneurial efforts, she designed and marketed a “Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light Machine” used for face and body, and Anti-Aging.

CEO of Estetx, Inc.

In January 1998, Joan created “Estetx, Inc.,” a marketing company in Santa Clarita, California. From the company’s inception until September 2006, as CEO of Estetx, she acted as a consultant, educator, writer and marketer of Anti-Aging products and equipment.

Estetx Anti-Aging Day Spa

Focusing on Anti-aging In January 2004, Joan designed and supervised the construction of “Estetx Anti-Aging Day Spa” in Castaic California, which she owned and operated until October 2006.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

From June 2003 until June 2005, as a California licensed Real Estate agent, Joan dedicated herself to helping people to fulfill their dreams in the field of Real Estate. Her license is currently in the inactive status.

Financial Consultant

In June 1998, Joan developed and was the CEO of “Agape Financial Services,” a Ventured Capital Company in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Later, she became a columnist, writing a Financial Column for a local newspaper in Santa Clarita, California. Eventually, Joan redirected her studies to become a Stock Broker with H.D. Vest. Upon the demise of her mother, she left the Financial Services Industry, and devoted herself to Health and Wellness, with the intent of being able to teach longevity to others.

Business Major

After years of continual study, In June of 1997, Joan received a Ph.D. in Business Administration in Los Angles, California.

Make Up Artist

To prepare for the ability to do professional makeup, from September 1994-1995, In Los Angeles California, Joan went from a purely academic arena, to a creative one, by studying Makeup Artistry for the Movie Industry.

Math Teacher

At Indian Hills Academy, a private school in Simi Valley, California, from September 1975-1978, Joan taught Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. The grades taught were 9th-12th.

Continuing Education

From June 1968 until present time, this progressive woman has continuously pursued education. In addition to her aforementioned formal education, she also holds diplomas in General Construction and in Family and Marital Counseling. Her versatility expands to education in Equine Management.

Life Experience

Her vast life experience from 1975 until present includes Seminar Speaking at Churches, Conferences and Trade Shows, as well as Educational and Technical Writing. Computer Instruction, Personnel Consulting, Corporate Re-Location, New Home Construction, Silver Smithing, Acting, Fashion Design and Fashion Modeling for 16 years– are a part of her expertise. Joan enjoyed Singing Semi-Professionally for over 20 years. She enriched her life by teaching Religious Studies to all age groups (women, men and children). During the year 2008, Joan was engaged in the creation of a book and Application (App) for the Computer and Smart Phone, which was directed towards Wellness and Prevention.


Using her literary background, she worked as a Consultant, for the launching of a publication in print and digital format, in Southern Florida.

Past and Current memberships include the following:

Currently, as a supporter of “Performers House,” a Non Profit Institution dedicated to enhancing the career of those committed to the performing arts, Joan serves as an Advisor on the Board of Directors of Performers House.

Florida Writers Association

In 2011, as a writer, she became a member of the Florida Writers Association, Palm Beach Charter.

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

Starting in August 2009 until present, as a United States Coast Guard Auxiliarist, to serve her country, Joan is serving as a Civilian Reservist and served as a Division Staff Officer in the Auxiliary. She has also participated in training as a Boat Crew Member at the Lake Worth Coast Guard Station, Florida.

(NAALT) North American Association of Laser Therapy

During July 2008 through 2009, Joan was a member of the (NAALT) North American Association of Laser Therapy, and was on the “Bylaws and Conference Committees.”

Christ Fellowship Church
In 1994, she began attending Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Committed to her faith, she remains an active member in good standing, who supports and attends “Christ Fellowship Church” on a regular, weekly basis. When residing in California, as a member, she attends “Shepherd of the Hills” Church in Porter Ranch California.

Past and current interests include the following:

Joan Holmes stays very active and delights herself in her family, church, athletic events, music, motion pictures, and adores the theatre and ballet. A concert with good quality music does not pass her unnoticed. Participating in, and attending Educational Seminars are also on the top of her list.

As a person devoted to helping meet the needs of others, in the past, she was drawn to the area of “Real Estate,” and “Reverse Mortgage Counseling.” Because of her past business challenges, Joan understands the need for people to receive proper direction in the area of finance. Counseling and teaching in many areas is natural, exciting, and a rewarding field for the continuation of her path in life– as she strives to make a difference in the life of others.