Michelle Orman – One More Chance Foundation
One More Chance Foundation welcomes Michelle Orman, a native of Southern California. Michelle graduated with a degree in “Elementary Education.” Upon reaching the South Florida area, she passionately completed her studies in education, and received her certification in the field of “Early Childhood Education and Environmental Studies.”   She then rounded out her education with a degree in “Nursing,” with an emphasis in “Marketing and Home Health Care.”  Eventually, her expertise in education led her to develop and publish Children’s Educational curriculums.
As a member of the “United States Coast Guard Auxiliary” for over 17 years, Michele expanded her leadership skills, thereby making great accomplishments in the Auxiliary. These various accomplishments include that of being a “Staff Officer” and an “Instructor.”  Michelle also served in nationally appointed positions. As a member of the “Rapid Response Team,” Team Leader in a successful “Mass Casualty Exercise” with the United States Coast Guard in Florida, and a graduate of “C” School in York Town, Virginia, Michelle has proven herself to be a successful  and strong leader.
Her passion both in education and the health care field, have been the driving force that causes Michelle to take every opportunity to encourage all children to become all that they can be.