Vera Novak – One More Chance Foundation

Vera Novak is a talented, versatile business woman. In the corporate world, she commands respect as a seasoned Court Reporter in Los Angeles, California.

In the entertainment industry, her beauty and charm commands attention, as she appears as a Sophia Loren Look-A-Like. Her experience in personal appearances as a Sophia Loren Look-A-Like gives her the opportunity to appear at parties, corporate events, commercials, films, business openings, conventions and more. Her uncanny Look-A-Like of Sophia Loren has commanded attention of even the entertainment industries noted personalities.

Vera’s experience and integrity in her work ethic, allows her to bring excellent skills to her business endeavors. Her theatrical experience makes her a perfect fit for our Performing Arts projects. 

Through those projects, she will provide advice to help us succeed in our theatrical program. One More Chance Foundation’s Performing Arts projects will give students a chance to act, perform technical skills, and to participate in the art of film making.