Who We Are

Through our Film Production/Internship/Mentoring Program, we offer to Performing Arts Students ages 13-25, the opportunity to go through our “Student Film-making Program”.

By using professional Film Industry Film-makers and Mentors, we strive to successfully prepare the Interns to have real-life Film-making experiences.

Our program will help students to further develop their artistic skills and talents. Our two student target program levels are: Secondary school and the Post-secondary school.

We welcome students of all income levels that are deserving and serious, who are enrolled in existing Performing Arts Programs in other schools. This opportunity will better prepare students for a positive career in the Performing Arts and Film-making arenas.

The “Student Film-making Program” includes: Feature, Short and Documentary Films, Film Making Internships, Film Research, Mentoring and on- set CPR preparedness.

Who We Are

Joan C. Holmes, CEO, Founder,
One More Chance Foundation, Inc.